Roctane XD Adds Dual Kevlar Belts

New 26-inch sizes for 12-inch wheels! Same great durability and performance, now to better fit ATVs.

The all-new Roctane XD-K features Dual Kevlar® belts for added durability. A lightweight synthetic fiber with five times the tensile strength of steel, Kevlar® has a bulletproof reputation that matches its application. With dual Kevlar® belts engineered in a cross-weave pattern running shoulder to shoulder on the new Roctane XD-K tires, STI Tire & Wheel triples the puncture resistance of this nearly impenetrable tire.

With its 8-ply-rated radial carcass, the Roctane XD-K is built to confidently handle today's UTVs, no matter how large, fast and aggressive they are. Available in four different sizes, there is a Roctane XD-K for your machine. All Roctane XD tires use a specially formulated tread compound that extends tire life, while adding grip on the slickest rocks like a dedicated wall-crawler.

  1. Dual Kevlar belts for extreme durability
  2. RocWall sidewall construction adds shoulder protection
  3. RocGuard rim guard protects wheels from trail damage
  4. 8-ply rated radial carcass

NEW! STI Roctane XD-K
26 / 9R-12826.20.818696 lbs.30.4001-1103K
26 / 11R-12826.50.818855 lbs.36.9001-1104K
27 / 9R-14827.20.818849 lbs.34.0001-1123K
27 / 11R-14827.50.8181041 lbs.39.7001-1124K
28 / 10R-14828.30.8181002 lbs.44.1001-1125K
30 / 10R-14830.40.8181134 lbs.48.5001-1127K
See vehicle label or owners manual for operating pressure

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