Beadlock Strength and HD Alloy Style

The STI HD5 Beadlock wheels are designed to deliver the ultimate combination of strength and style. In two styles - Machined & Gloss Black, and Matte Black - these HD5 Beadlocks are available in both 14x7 and 14x9 sizes for today’s high-performance heavyweight off-road machines. The 14x9 wheels are designed for use in the sand dunes, and are best used there only.

The 14x7 wheels are manufactured with a 5+2 offset for optimized handling, and to help 50-inch wide UTVs maintain their trail stance. The 14x9 sizes feature a 5+4 offset, and are the perfect setup when you need more width in the back, like for sand-dune flotation. Heavy-duty beadlock rings are secured with larger, reinforced hardware to deliver increased tire-clamping pressure for the ultimate beadlock security.

More Info

  1. Beadlock ring receives strengthened hardware for increased tire-clamping pressure.
  2. Each wheel’s inner bead lip is reinforced for durability.
  3. 1000-pound load ratings can handle today’s heavyweight UTVs.
  4. Stealth Black or Gunmetal Gray finish.

HD5 Beadlock
14x74/1565+2Machined & Gloss Black14HB503
14x74/1375+2Machined & Gloss Black14HB507
14x74/1105+2Matte Black14HB520
14x74/1565+2Matte Black14HB523
14x74/1375+2Matte Black14HB527
14x74/1155+2Matte Black14HB529
14x94/1565+4Machined & Gloss Black14HB5039
14x94/1375+4Machined & Gloss Black14HB5079
14x94/1565+4Matte Black14HB5239
14x94/1375+4Matte Black14HB5279
NOTE: 14x9 sizes for Sand Use Only.
Use OEM lug torque specifications for all applications.
14 inchGloss Black14HB5R2
14 inchRaw14HB5R4
14 inchMatte Black14HB5R5
14 inchRed14HB5R6
14 inchBlue14HB5R7
14 inchYellow14HB5R8
14 inchOrange14HB5R9
14 inchGreen14HB5R10
14 inchCandy Red14HB5R11
14 inchCandy Blue14HB5R12
14 inchGloss White14HB5R13
14 inchPink14HB5R14

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