Sharp Style Serious Strength

The all-new HD8 from STI delivers storied HD Alloy strength - plus a Lifetime Structural Warranty - and adds a new blade-style spoke design for incomparable appeal. The eight spokes are finished in two different styles - Machined over Matte Black, and Dark Grey over Matte Black. You need to see 'em in person. These new HD Alloys include a pre-installed valve stem with a matching black stem and cap. The wheel's center cap bolts on for security, and the lug holes are enlarged allowing the use of 17mm hex lugs.

Watch The Video: The all-new HD8

More Info

  1. Bold blade-shape styling and legendary HD strength.
  2. Larger lug hole counter bore allows 17mm hex lug use.
  3. Bolt-on center cap.
  4. 1000-pound load ratings and reinforced inner and outer wheel lips for extra strength.

Sizes & Specs

14x7 4/110 5+2 (+30mm) Matte Black / Machined 14HD800
14x7 4/156 5+2 (+30mm) Matte Black / Machined 14HD803
14x7 4/137 5+2 (+30mm) Matte Black / Machined 14HD807
14x7 4/110 5+2 (+30mm) Matte Black / Dark Grey 14HD810
14x7 4/156 5+2 (+30mm) Matte Black / Dark Grey 14HD813
14x7 4/137 5+2 (+30mm) Matte Black / Dark Grey 14HD817
Use OEM lug torque specifications for all applications.

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