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Max Mud Performance. Smaller Package.

The new 27-inch Out & Back Max mud tires are now available. Built for 14-inch wheels, these proven performers were designed for today’s smaller UTVs and full-size ATVs, delivering reliable mud performance without the need for expensive machine modifications to gain tire clearance.

OutbackHT 27-HD7 on Grizzly-800Like all Out & Back Max tires, the new 27 x 10-14 size features 8-ply rated construction with deep lugs shaped to move mud. That rugged carcass allows low-psi operation, superior flotation, and unmatched durability.

The Max’s aggressive tread pattern features center lugs measuring 1.5 inches deep, with 2.0-inch deep lugs at the shoulders. These lugs are built with a stepped-base construction that minimizes flex across the tread, maximizing traction and tire strength. Well-placed dimples in the lugs increase traction-grabbing surfaces.

These new 27-inch tires complement the complete line of STI Tire & Wheel Out & Back HT, AT, XT and XLT tires, a multi-size lineup of all-conditions tires currently available in sizes 23-inch up to 36-inch for a broad range of machines.

For more details, check out the Out & Back Max product page.

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XD-K_with kevlar-1280px

The “K” is for Kevlar

May 28, 2016 • Featured, Homepage Left, Miscellaneous, New Products, News • Views: 817

Already the toughest tire to tackle rocky terrain, the STI Roctane XD gets even stronger and more durable thanks to the addition of dual Kevlar® belts. A lightweight synthetic fiber with five times the tensile strength of steel, Kevlar® has a bulletproof reputation that matches its application.

Outback HT

All-New HT Tires Deliver Versatile Performance to Mid-Size Machines

January 27, 2016 • Miscellaneous, New Products, News • Views: 657

Getting you Out & Back again, that’s always been the focus of the new line of HT tires from STI Tire & Wheel. From the original 25-inch Outback AT to the monster 34-inch Max, these tires deliver all-around performance in sizes and styles for any off-road enthusiast. With the all-new HT

30-inch Chicane tires on HD6 wheels, Matte Black with Mill-Cut Accents.

Chicane Tires Deliver Next-Level Performance

January 27, 2016 • Featured, Homepage Right, Miscellaneous, New Products, News • Views: 650

The newest products from STI Tire & Wheel – the Chicane RX tires – feature an innovative dual-sport radial design giving UTV riders and racers the ultimate combination of steering and traction performance. The Chicane RX tire combination results from STI’s years of hands-on